This is a picture of me being genuinely happy! It's probably cause I'm with good company and have a Boloco nutella shake in my hand.Hi, I’m Grace! I’m a wife and mom who loves simple pleasures in life (some friends refer to this as “easily amused”), mountains, gym classes, and good conversations (especially with strangers). I also like my coffee and chocolate dark, and am obsessed with polka dots, sprinkles, donuts, and anything multicolored.

On this blog, I capture and remember realizations, epiphanies, and victories of personal growth and change. I’m a strong believer that every ah-ha moment toward being a wholer and healthier person is a gift that I’m not entitled to,¬†and am grateful for each moment, big and small. I hope that the stories I tell will encourage and inspire you!

About the Blog Name: The name of the blog is inspired by a story in the Bible where God instructs the Israelites to build a memorial using stones so that they can remember what he’s done and tell about it to future generations. Learn more about how this inspired me to start this blog here.

If you’re a reader who I don’t know personally, I’d love to get to know you! Send me an email at grace [at] smallstonesbigstones.com.

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